Monitoring service hosted in the Telsys cloud

The goal is to set up a monitoring service hosted in the Telsys cloud. One or more collector agents will have to be deployed at the client’s site in order to query the various servers and equipment. All the scripts will be stored on the collector and the collected information will be available for consultation from the Centreon web interface proposed by Telsys.

Our monitoring solutions

IT monitoring :

Centreon offers a solution based (originally) on Nagios®. Centreon is a monitoring platform based on Centreon Engine, Centreon Broker and Centreon Web.

Application and performance monitoring :

Skylight analyzes network health and applications` performance in real time. Highly scalable, it makes possible to use “wire-data” for 360° visibility of your IT infrastructure, including for large environments with tens of thousands of users.

User experience :

Stratusphere UX is an indispensable tool for workstation administrators managing physical and/or virtual environments. Stratusphere UX analyzes the specific performance of various groups, users, machines, applications, etc. in order to allow the monitoring of the quality of the user experience.

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