Our service offer is based on 5 pillars:


To support you in the process of transformation and define a trajectory to achieve your goals.


To define the architecture to meet the needs by bringing innovation and simplicity.


Entrust our team of experts with your I.T. projects and benefit from all our expertise.

Operational management

Through the Telsys offer, we support you during the life cycle of your production.


We have set up a service capable of quickly redirecting requests, providing you advice and helping you resolve your incidents.
This single-entry point allows to simplify communication between customers and engineers, but also to ensure quality follow-up. ensure a high standard of follow up.

Custom made services

Service management

Delegate all or only part of your information systems and benefit from several advantages. We take care of your I.T. environment and network, any quickly resolve any related problems. We can take care as well of the entire computer wiring.
IT service management offers many services ranging from IT asset auditing to supervision and support. For this, we provide you with a competent team of experts.

Professional services :

An important step before of any project, the IT audit allows you to obtain a precise inventory of your system in order to define your areas that need improvement.

Site survey
As part of setting up a site survey, we use the Ekahau solution, which provides software and hardware solutions for designing, deploying and managing Wi-Fi networks. This package includes planning tools that simulate the propagation of WiFi radio waves, eliminating the need for on-site testing and helping to optimize the number of wireless access points to be installed. Site survey tools are used to verify and validate networks while spectrum analyzers help identify sources of non-WiFi interference.
Site survey offers a visualization of the coverage areas on a plan for a simple and quick understanding of the deployment.

Recommendations :
Contact our solution architect team or pre-sales team and benefit from their expertise free of charge.

Cloud migration study
We have implemented a methodology to support you towards a cloud migration:

Applications: Are your application(s) Cloud Ready ?
For a successful migration, the application should follow a distributed architecture and be scalable by design.
Most applications use third-party services (web services, external storage, mail servers, authentication services, etc.). It is essential to analyze the impact that your migration to the cloud will have on these dependencies.

Database : Migrate your database
Data is the most important element of an application. Migration can be complex if the data is sensitive or large. You need to ensure that your migration methods are reliable and have rollback capabilities to deal with any unexpected events.

POC = proof of concept:
The POC allows you to better understand the challenges you may face. Here are some elements to consider during your POC :

  • Performance comparison with your existing application
  • Levels of complexity involved in migrating the application
  • Network challenges that need to be resolved.
  • Reliability.
  • Assessment of support from cloud providers.

We implement the proposed design and support you upto implementation


Companies use our services to provide them with qualified personnel (level 1, 2 and 3).
Our staff support you during a defined period for a specific project.
Telsys is LSE certified in accordance with the law on private placement and has an authorization to delegate professional staff.


Telsys offers total or partial management services for your IT infrastructure. Our “Telsys I.T. management” offer allows companies to have an ideally sized computer equipment and a secure corporate network.


A telephone support service is available for quick remote troubleshooting. The hours of this service are flexible and adaptable to your convenience on weekdays and/or public holidays.

Why not outsource IT support?
If providing this function in-house guarantees control of the service, the current technical environment is increasingly tipping the balance in favor of outsourcing.

Our Support offers


  • Hours: 8h00 – 18h00
  • Support level 2/3 : Yes
  • Contact: phone, email, via extranet
  • SLA's: 8 hour response time
  • Monitoring: No
  • Remote access: No (no point-to-point VPN)
  • Time spent: to be deducted from a subscription


  • Hours: 8h00 – 18h00
  • Support level 2/3 : Yes
  • Contact : phone, Email, via extranet
  • Infrastructure Audit / Documentation : Yes (2 days free/included)
  • SLA's: 30 minute response time
  • Monitoring: Yes
  • Remote access : Yes (point-to-point VPN)
  • Time spent : to be deducted from a subscription


  • Hours : extended hours or 24/24
  • Support level 2/3 : Yes
  • Contact : phone, Email, via extranet
  • Infrastructure Audit / Documentation : Yes (2 days free/included)
  • SLA's : 30 minute response time
  • Monitoring : Yes
  • Remote Access : Yes
  • Travel on site if necessary : Yes
  • Time spent : to be deducted from a subscription

Managed Services

Wifi as a service

Wi-Fi as a Service, also called WAAS, allows you to benefit of all the advantages of Wi-Fi without having to worry about its installation, its performance, and its maintenance. It is therefore particularly interesting !
More and more small and medium-sized companies choose us to integrate network services into their establishment and offer a better customer satisfaction.

Backup outsourcing

Your backup is no longer made on site but via our Swiss private cloud.
Backup as a Service can also be used when your existing storage system has become insufficient and would force you to invest in an expensive upgrade.
BaaS and recovery also allows you to guarantee the accessibility of your data and their restoration from a remote site in the event of a breakdown or failure.


The objective is to set up a monitoring service on premise or hosted in the Telsys cloud. One or more collectors will have to be deployed at the customer in order to query the different servers and equipment. All the indicators collected will then be available for consultation from the Centreon web interface offered by Telsys.