Cloud solutions

If you want to set up a Cloud solution that meets your needs, choose one of our different models for implementing cloud services.

SaaS Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 is a SaaS (Software as a Service) service that offers a complete set of software tools and services from a Microsoft cloud server. Office 365 is offered as a subscription (yearly or monthly).
Office 365 is a collaborative workspace on the Internet in a secure environment.

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Private Cloud

Cloud infrastructure is operated for a specific
company. It is administered either by the company or by an authorized third party.
The infrastructure can be inside or outside the company.

Exoscale is the ideal partner for those looking to comply with Swiss data privacy laws. Exoscale offers hosted services that are :
Compute, Kubernetes, DBAAS, Object storage, GPU servers, Networking, Virtual Private Cloud…

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Public Cloud

A public cloud is a pool of virtual resources, created from hardware owned and managed by a third-party company, which are automatically provisioned and allocated to different customers through a self-service interface. This simple method allows you to scale workloads subject to unforeseen fluctuations in demand.

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Hybrid Cloud

Cloud infrastructure is a mixed form of the implementation patterns described above. The term Hybrid Cloud is also used for solutions that include both on-premises and cloud components.

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Orchestration and Automation

Telsys is very active in the implementation of orchestration or automation solutions. These automation processes also have the advantages of reducing human error and allowing traceability of flows for maximum control of security within the company, or even minimizing business disruption, or reducing its operating costs over the time.

Nutanix Calm :

is one of the key bricks to help companies manage applications in multi-Cloud environments. Its purpose is to virtualize multiple applications of the infrastructure, while providing recommendations for the choice of the Cloud, according to the tasks to be performed.

Nutanix Xi Leap :

Allows you to start and manage the Xi Leap DR service from Prism, the interface you use to administer your Nutanix AOS clusters. Categorize your VMs and apply protection policies and recovery plans to customize your environment. Use the same management interface to initiate planned and unplanned failovers, as well as live DR tests on a test network.

VMware vROPS :

Allows IT teams to be more proactive and agile with vRealize Operations, an autonomous IT operations management platform for private, hybrid, and multicloud environments that integrates AI and predictive analytics.

Terraform :

is an infrastructure as a code tool that allows you to declare what you want for your infrastructure. In structured configuration files you will be able to automatically manage your infrastructure. Whether it’s the initial provisioning, updating or destroying your infrastructure, the code drives it.

Anthos :

is a new Google Cloud platform, dedicated to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. This platform is mainly based on Kubernetes, the famous open-source container orchestration platform created by the Mountain View giant.

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Telsys implements a global vision of cloud architecture that takes into account your needs and your cloud provider.

Docker :

is an Open Source software that automates the deployment of applications. It is a virtualization platform by container that will allow you to design, test and deploy applications quickly.

Nutanix Karbon :

is a Kubernetes management tool designed by Nutanix that supports the network and containers` security.
The solution is designed to make it easy to deploy and manage “production-ready” Kubernetes (container orchestration) clusters.

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