• Our flexibility allows us to fully adapt to customer needs by offering tailor-made services.
  • You have a team of pre-sales specialists to imagine and realize each of your projects, free of charge and without time limit.
  • Your participation in the deployment of your solutions by our engineers is not mandatory, but we are always happy to be able to share our know-how with our customers.
  • You decide on the type of solution you wish to implement and the method of acquisition (financing, leasing, upfront payment etc.).


"Life is not a race, but a marathon."

It was under the name of Telecom Systems that we began our adventure more than thirty years ago. Initially, we specialized in the implementation of network solutions and especially for the Swiss motorway network.

At the time we were one of the small ones, but we were already attracting the interest of a few large groups. Always curious to learn more, we joined the Silicomp group in the early 2000s, which then joined the France Telecom / Orange Group in Paris.

A few years later, we become independent again to better meet the needs of our customers. We decided to invest in innovation, which is when we developped our services.

The years pass and IT becomes one of the areas that are constantly evolving. So, we evolve with it, taking a turn when hyperconvergence appears.

In 2020, we cross paths with the company SCRT, a leader in IT security. Then we combined our strengths in order to respond in a joint and complete manner to the needs of our existing and future customers.

A year later, we are became “Telsys”, a young and dynamic company, with a strong experience built up over thirty years.


The proactivity and investment of our employees has given us a brand image and durability in our commercial relations for more than 30 years.



“Pleasure in the job puts perfectionin the work”.


Telsys applies this philosophy on a daily basis, which is why we have a very low turnover rate.
Defenders of collective interests, the foundations of our morality are articulated in four main points.

    1. Respect for people and QWL (Quality of Work Life)
    2. 2. Social and environmental protection,
    3. Equity between people
    4. Loyalty

Having always been a small company, we make a matter of honor to respect those values.

Our strategy is to contribute, at our level, to the protection of the environment according to the following axis :

Save energy :

  • Turn off lights during breaks, non-working days
  • Turn off computer equipment before leaving
  • Maintain a constant temperature in the rooms
  • Use new generation low consumption lamps
  • Virtualization of servers and optimization of hardware renewals

Use less paper :

  • Use emails as much as possible
  • Electronic archiving
  • Quotes and invoices in dematerialized format
  • Double-sided printing and only when necessary

Reduce transport :

  • Organization of remote sessions
  • Support for employees in the use of public transport
  • Support for employees in the use of carpooling (Mobility partner)
  • Favor short supply circuits when the equipment is available locally

Sorting and recycling :

  • Recycling of ink cartridges, coffee capsules, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles in specific bins

Actions we take :

  • Raising awareness among our customers of the importance of preserving the waters of Lake Geneva during our TS Day 2021 (Speaker: Noam Yaron– l’Odyssée du Léman)
  • Purchase of recycled or recyclable goodies by banning plastic
  • Sponsorship of the Odyssey of the lakes (2022)
  • Participation in waste collection around Leman Lake (2022)

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